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bbp::sonata::SimulationConfig::InputSynapseReplay Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for bbp::sonata::SimulationConfig::InputSynapseReplay:

Public Attributes

std::string spikeFile
 The location of the file with the spike info for injection, file extension must be .h5.
- Public Attributes inherited from bbp::sonata::SimulationConfig::InputBase
Module module
 Type of stimulus.
InputType inputType
 Type of input.
double delay {}
 Time when input is activated (ms)
double duration {}
 Time duration for how long input is activated (ms)
std::string nodeSet
 Node set which is affected by input.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from bbp::sonata::SimulationConfig::InputBase
enum  Module {
  invalid = -1, linear, relative_linear, pulse,
  subthreshold, hyperpolarizing, synapse_replay, seclamp,
  noise, shot_noise, relative_shot_noise, absolute_shot_noise,
  ornstein_uhlenbeck, relative_ornstein_uhlenbeck
enum  InputType {
  invalid = -1, spikes, extracellular_stimulation, current_clamp,
  voltage_clamp, conductance